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Life After Death – An Existential Question
The vast majority of mankind are occupied by the question of Life After Death more than once in their lifetimes. Most human beings perceive that life and our existence do not cease upon the death of our physical body and the brain.
In an increasingly materialistic world that we live in today, many struggle to delve deeper, to find satisfying answers and conviction.

Theme introduction and Reading from the book:
“In the Light of Truth” – The Grail Message

As soon as man comes into this world, death is certain for him. Not a single human being living on this earth can evade this irrefutable, well-established fact of life. Yet while death is as certain as birth, what begins after departing this life remains for many the great unknown!
New knowledge, however, brings clarification of how life, dying and death are connected. And with such clarification also the possibility of preparing oneself for this “path into the unknown” and being able to set out on it well-equipped.
Armed with this knowledge, we can face the prospect of Life after Death, of an Afterlife, with a certainty and confidence that this life, and what follows, has both meaning and purpose.

Speaker: Sebastian Amling
Sebastian Amling regularly travels to various countries globally, due to his ongoing international duties & tasks. He holds philosophy talks, lectures and round-tables. Mr. Amling addresses subjects crucial to our understanding of why we exist and why we are here. Spirituality and our origins, the purpose and meaning of life. How to find and recognise Truth and the “how & why” we live after death. These are key questions for every human being.
A former Lufthansa International pilot, Mr. Amling engaged with and observed many peoples, cultures & societies over a number of years. He himself was driven by such questions, which eventually led him through his personal journey of Seeking and to eventually discover The Grail Message.

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