Lecture: Who are we?

Christopher Vasey

Christopher Vasey

02 May 2019
6:00 PM - 7:30 PM

Turku City Library (Studio)

Linnankatu 2
20101 Turku

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Who are we? – From the brain to the spirit
According to the Grail Message

Lecture in English
Christopher Vasey

Man has always tried to understand what he was by asking himself the question: Who am I? Who is this being I feel I am? Why am I different from everybody else? This lecture will show that we are not only a brain directing a physical body as science claims, but an immaterial spirit incarnated in a physical body. What is the spirit? Where does it come from? How do its intuitive faculties distinguish themselves from the intellectual faculties of the brain?

Christopher Vasey is a Swiss naturopath and author. He has, since 1998, written books on alternative medicine and spiritual themes which are published in different languages. He gives lectures regularly in Europe and North-America.


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Organizer: Gral-Norden

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