Public Lecture : « A Soul Cries Out for Help », Blackburn Hamlet, April 2018

Paul Bertram

Paul Bertram

23 Apr 2018
7:00 PM

Blackburn Hamlet Meeting Room

199 Glen Park Ave.
K1B 5B8 Blackburn Hamlet, Ottawa

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Paul shares his journey through a period of self-doubt and uncertainty towards an eventual understanding of the universe as a place that provides individuals the opportunity to develop and become happy. The world can be a joyful place of evolution in which one is invited to wake up and grow up. Paul helps the listener to discover their own consciousness of the immensity of who they can become if they choose to take the steps necessary to develop themselves. The inspiration for this journey towards full human maturity and consciousness was inspired by the work In the Light of Truth; The Grail Message of Abd-ru-shin.

Speaker :

Paul Bertram, age 72, has worn many hats: B.Sc. degree, marine biologist, naval officer, salesman, marketing executive, business consultant, father and grandfather, handyman. Now “retired” and living in the country with his wife of 9 years, Paul is busy maintaining a large property, harvesting firewood, and helping in the community by doing renovations in summer and clearing snow in winter. Paul also finds time to volunteer for palliative care and to do grief counselling. Paul has always been a seeker of the truth and is happy to share the keys of his journey of discovery with others to help them progress along the ways of their own unique journeys.

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