Public Lecture at Benin City, Nigeria

10 Feb 2019
3:30 PM - 4:30 PM

Grail Centre, Benin City

Grail Centre, behind Stella Obasanjo Hospital, Etete
Benin City
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This lecture addresses a vital activity which pre-occupies human beings under the guise of worshipping – the issue of Prayer or Praying. Praying assumes a feverish tempo especially in current times because of the numerous problems of different kinds which assail mankind all over the earth.  This is evident in the number of places of worship which have proliferated in recent times and are still springing up by the day,all over the place and under the auspices of different religious denominations.  Praying is ‘supposedly’ the major activity that takes place in these places of worship.

It may surprise many to know that much of these so-called praying activities do not actually amount to praying or even worshipping the Almighty Creator in the proper sense in terms of what He demands of us human beings. Thus, the correct relationship which ought to exist between mankind and the Creator (their Lord and Maker) is not attained through such so-called praying activity.  A  consequence of this is that the effect which praying should have on the quality of man’s behaviour, of man’s conduct, remains unattained. Another consequence is that many of the things that we pray for are quite often not granted.  In the face of such apparent denial many then have the erroneous impression that their prayers are not answered.

Several questions emerge from this situation:

  • What really is prayer? Is praying the same thing as worshipping?
  • Does the act of asking or petitioning amount to the same thing as praying?
  • What do people pray for and how do such things (or wants) stand in relation to their actual need? Why is it that many of the things that they ask (or pray) for are not granted?
  • Why is prayer (as distinct from asking or petitioning) relevant to man’s spiritual development?

This discussion addresses these questions. It will rely on the profound enlightenment brought to mankind in a new Revelation contained in the book entitled:  IN THE LIGHT OF TRUTH, subtitled, The Grail Message.  The Grail Message is a Knowledge which the Creator sends to mankind on earth in contemporary times to give them clarity on the critical issue of  why they were created, why they are on earth and what they should be doing in order to fulfill that purpose.