Public Lecture at Ikeja(Lagos), Nigeria

19 May 2019
4:00 PM - 6:00 PM

Grail Information Centre, Ikeja

15 Adeniyi Jones Avenue
100101 Ikeja

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Mankind’s Salvation: Restoring the signposts

At all times in the history of mankind here on earth, there has always been a divining that human experiencing on this earth is for a limited time after which there would be ascent to eternal existence. Amongst peoples all over the earth, signposts or directions were given about what they have to do to attain salvation.

These directions or signposts if followed would lead to their purification and ascent to the realms of bliss in the creation of the Almighty.

These signposts were given by some well-known personalities who sought to lead mankind to recognising the Truth. The Buddhas in India, Lao Tse in China, Zoroaster in Persia, the prophets amongst the children of Israel, the Son of God Jesus and Mohammed in Arabia. They all gave signposts which have been so completely distorted.

Now, with the Grail Message of Abd-ru-shin, these signposts are now restored.

The lecture draws from the signposts of old and links them to the knowledge brought by the Grail Message.


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