Public Lecture: “The Green Book of Life”

Deborah Landers

Deborah Landers

08 May 2018
7:00 PM

The Social Venue

27 Maple St. S
P4N 1W6 Timmins

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Today, more than ever before, human beings want “green” lifestyles. We want to eat better, work better, rest better, in short to live longer and stronger. We also want to become better stewards of our planet so that life here can continue. We look for natural products, nutritious foods, relaxation techniques, green and renewable products etc. in order to accomplish this. And we indeed have numerous options available in many forms. Yet all of this only addresses the physical aspects of life when in fact we are spiritual beings first and foremost. Deborah will present the spiritual work titled “In the Light of Truth- The Grail Message” that teaches us about the cosmic laws that not only govern nature but all of Creation and our place and responsibility as we journey through life. This “green” book reveals the true meaning of life and opens the door to true happiness and lasting inner peace.

Speaker: Deborah Landers

Entry fee: $10.00/$5.00 students

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