The Power Of Thought! How We Could Change The World…

Sebastian Amling

Sebastian Amling

10 Jun 2019
7:30 PM - 9:00 PM

Mechanics Institute Hall

1A Plowman Pl
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We know that the actions and words of a person have an effect. We can gladden another person through a gift or assistance. Evil deeds and words though also work in their own way.
But what about our thoughts? Do they also have an effect – perhaps even greater than we can imagine?
Do thoughts also have a bearing on our personal happiness and on the conditions in the world around us?
We will be addressing the recognition of how thoughts work and how we can observe their effects.
The work “In the Light of Truth”, the Grail Message of Abd-ru-shin, brings new knowledge and enlightenment about the connections between our personal happiness, social developments and happenings around the world.
The importance of our thoughts, their working and outcomes will be portrayed & discussed.

Speaker: Sebastian Amling

Sebastian Amling regularly travels globally to various countries, where he holds philosophy talks, public lectures and round-table discussions.

Mr. Amling addresses subjects crucial to our understanding of why we exist and why we are here. Spirituality and our origins, the purpose and meaning of life. How to find and recognise Truth, reincarnation and the “how & why” we live after death.
These are key questions for every human being.

A former Lufthansa International pilot, Mr. Amling engaged with and observed many peoples, cultures & societies over a number of years. He himself was driven by such questions, which eventually led him through his personal journey of Seeking and to eventually discover The Grail Message.

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