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Michael Oort, Publisher

01 Mar 2020
2:00 PM - 4:00 PM

Uyi Grand Hotel, Auchi

97 Jatti Road, Off Benin-Auchi Express way
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Human beings have from pre-historic times always intuitively felt the need to commune with the Creator especially in times of great need and distress. Also, when man commits errors, sins and mistakes, he turns to the Almighty Creator remorsefully and powerlessly, seeking His forgiveness in prayers. But it is observable that what man calls prayer today is anything but prayer. In this Lecture, it is explained that prayer must be the unfolding of the human spirit at the feet of God in veneration, praise and gratitude for everything The Creator grants man out of His unfathomable Love.

Prayers are classified into: Prayers of wants & petition; Prayers of supplication & submission (Repentance); Prayers of intercession & mediation; and Prayers of thanksgiving, gratitude, praise & veneration. But what prevails today in the ranks of mankind are typically prayers of wants and petition – or at best, prayers of supplication. This lecture also clarified that answers to all prayers are fulfilled in the perfect Laws of The Creator. And these Laws inform us that: We reap only what we sow; Nothing happens by chance; Our works shall surely pursue us; As we make our beds, so shall we lie on them; Our destiny lies squarely with us, because we ourselves arrange the building blocks with which it is erected or established; and, The Justice of God cannot be mocked by mankind. Thus, mankind can pray unceasingly in words, thoughts and deeds.

In conclusion, the lecture posited that in future, when mankind would have learnt how to truly pray, we would joyfully accept life on earth as a testimony of the Eternal Goodness of God the Father! All prayers at that time would only be expressions of Gratitude, Praise and Thanksgiving to the Merciful Creator for the Grace of being permitted to live on earth.