In the Light of Truth

The three volumes of the work “In the Light of Truth” incorporate altogether 168 lectures that, building progressively upon one another’s contents, give a complete picture of all of Creation.

They offer an all-encompassing world description on the basis of natural laws, that enables the reader to recognise hidden connections in life, and with this, offer valuable help for self-development.

The lectures that are contained in this book arose between 1923 and 1938.

The work “In the Light of Truth” is therefore known worldwide, primarily because it offers conclusive answers to the big questions of human existence, such as the meaning of life and the justice of fate, or, in view of a continued existence after death. It has so far been translated into 20 languages and is available in more than 90 countries.

It was the goal of the author to bring the reader closer to true life, to offer him valuable stimuli for the development of his personality and to lead him on a path of realisation that also includes awareness of God. The lectures collected in the work “In the Light of Truth” were intended to serve as a “light and staff”, independently of religious persuasion or of an individual’s denomination. Abd-ru-shin did not wish to establish a new religion, sect, or religious community.

The explanations of the work “In the Light of Truth” build on the basis of simple, understandable laws of nature, that are just as effective in external reality as they are in the inner life of an individual. They address typical human experiences, highlight strengths and weaknesses and give pointers to hidden shortcomings however also to the many opportunities that daily life offers for spiritual progress. The reader therewith has the opportunity to rediscover the content of the lectures in his own life and to recognise it as being true. Thus, spiritual experiences containing deep intuitions may be combined with logical-objective conclusions to form an all-embracing holistic worldview in which there is no separation between the scientific and the religious search for the truth.

The work “In the Light of Truth” bears the subtitle “The Grail Message”. These days, one associates the concept of the “Grail” mostly with visions and images of longing, such as have been passed down to us in myths and legends and, above all, also in works of art. Abd-ru-shin explains that these traditions are based on an actual reality that is of central significance for the existence and maintenance of all of Creation.

And yet, the course charted by the Grail Message is an utterly simple one. It has nothing to do with mysticism or esoteric detachment but, on the contrary, like the original teachings of Jesus, makes considerable demands on the seeker. For not only is self-reliant, unprejudiced, objective thinking meant to be furthered, but above all, “firm volition for the good”. This work on oneself and in the service of one’s fellowman can lead a human being to spiritual maturity.

The following are some of the many important themes the work “In the Light of Truth” offers detailed answers to:

• Responsibility and fate/karma
• Death and repeated Earth lives/reincarnation
• The fall of man and hereditary sin
• The synopsis of this world and the beyond
• The grace and love of the Creator
• Body, soul and spirit
• Son of God and Son of Man