Public Lecture at Benin

Dear Readers,

Because of health concerns, our public readings, roundtables, and seminars are postponed in most countries until at least the end of September. However, we continue to be available for your questions and cordially invite you to contact us by phone or email, also for information about events in your country.

And in these extraordinary times, I would like to point to our main title, In the Light of Truth – The Grail Message, which is my source of confidence and support in all life situations. The first twelve lectures are available to read on our website.

Now, stay healthy and confident! We look forward to greeting you when our events resume, hopefully soon!

With kindest regards,
Michael Oort, Publisher

23 Feb 2020
2:30 PM - 4:30 PM

Grail Centre, Benin

Nicholas Awodu Crescent off Otagbor Olubor Drive, End of Ugiagbe Street
Country Home Motel, Etete
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What is the Grail Message?

Many people on first coming across the Grail Message, or hearing about it, are not able to perceive what it is, what it contains, and how it relates to them in their quest for peace and happiness in life and in the fulfilment of their purpose in Creation.  The urge to examine this Work can be aroused in such people only if they had some idea of the significance of the knowledge to them and to all mankind.

 This lecture gives a broad picture of the content of the book titled:  IN THE LIGHT OF TRUTH,  which contains the Grail Message.  Among other things, it explains the origin and purpose of man, how he originated from the lower regions of the Spiritual Realm, why he is on earth and why he should strive to be able to return to his point of origin after his experiencing on earth. It briefly examines the Divine Laws that govern the whole of Creation, and the manner in which these Laws come to play in determining  man’s fate and his day-to-day experiences.   

 The lecture explains that only the man who completely understands his place in Creation and the Divine Laws is able to fashion his life in such a way as to attain peace and happiness both here on earth and after his earthly life.     

 The lecture points out that the Grail Message was sent from the Highest Source  (the Creator Himself) to all mankind irrespective of their  race, colour, status, creed or sect.  The Grail Message is indeed an exceptional Mediator of Knowledge about life, Creation, the Creator and what He desires of them as His creatures.