Public Lecture at Ikeja

16 Feb 2020
4:00 PM - 6:00 PM

Grail Information Centre, Ikeja

15 Adeniyi Jones Avenue
100101 Ikeja
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In the Lecture, the speaker shows how bewildered he used to be previously with happenings around him which he believed were happenstance.

It was not until he came to terms through the study of the Grail Message with  the real meaning of one’s works that he began to understand that all that  assailed a man was simply the consequence of how he used his abilities to think,  speak and act; the only ways in which he could function as  a human being.

He also shows that man can only begin to free himself from sorrow and tribulations  when his thoughts words and deeds begin to accord with the Divine laws  in Creation, with the Natural Laws.